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Classes combine traditional mindfulness practices of yoga and meditation with games, story time, music and fun. Designed to engage active young minds these classes build children's confidence, co-ordination and emotional self-regulation skills. They are suitable for children aged 2-10 years. We bring these programs to schools and early learning services.


Programs The program is designed by founder Radha Babicci, an experienced and award-winning early childhood teacher. She is also a qualified yoga instructor and children’s yoga instructor.


Super Kids yoga programs offer children fun and practical instruction in the exploration of their wellbeing. Designed to engage active young minds


Our classes use mindfulness games that help children to develop techniques to focus on the present moment. These help children to calm their mind and emotions.


Our yoga is fun, fresh and active! Classes combine games, stories, music, songs and creativity to do yoga that supports children to build their strength, flexibility and co-ordination and their confidence, compassion, resilience and emotional self-regulation skills.

Who we are

Radha Babicci


Radha Babicci is the founder of super kids yoga and head instructor. She combines 10 years’ experience working with children as a teacher and director of early learning centres with her qualifications as a yoga instructor for both adults and children.

With the increase in the number of people returning to mindfulness practices to enrich their daily lives, Radha has created child-friendly programs for those parents looking for best possible foundation for their children’s wellbeing.

Throughout her career, Radha has advocated for a nurturing, creative and gentle approach to teaching children. In her work with children she sees the importance of supporting children’s social and emotional development, for their success at school and overall wellbeing. For her efforts in introducing mindfulness and yoga in preschools, Radha was awarded the National Excellence in Teaching Award in 2016. She is passionate about providing quality early education for children, to give them the best head start in their super lives.

Teacher WorkshopsChildren's yoga workshops for early childhood teachers. Practical hands-on workshop to teacher early childhood teachers a range of skills and ideas for teaching children yoga and/or mindfulness. Due to the interactive nature of these workshops these are also great team building experiences.

Duration: 1-2 hours

A brief introduction to yoga and mindfulness for children. Attendees will leave with some ideas to take back to their classrooms, yet this is just the beginning.

1-2 days workshops

A thorough and rich workshop on yoga and mindfulness for children. Attendees will learn a range of skills and ideas along with knowledge of what is yoga and mindfulness, research on the effects of yoga and mindfulness, age specific requirements for children and time to practice and create some ideas to use in your classrooms.

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